Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – If They’re Playing, GO!

There are times when events around music happen and you are made better for being there. A little over a year ago I was informed by a good friend of mine that he had just completed directing a video for Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds. The song is “La Araña” off their album La Araña Es La Vida. The guitarist is a mutual friend of ours from our days of working at a southern California Tower Records 20 years ago.

For those who have heard of Kid Congo Powers, you get high points in cool department. Even though I consider myself to be more than a music novice I had not been as familiar. The loss was mine, but I am making up for that oversight. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds is the most recent incarnation of a musician who has played performed with the likes of The Cramps, The Gun Club, & Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. His band is rounded out by Mark Cisneros (guitar), Kiki Solis (bass), and Ron Miller (drums). The sound is everything familiar and everything new to my ear – shoegaze, goth, psychobilly, power pop, punk, and anything else that played on Rodney on the Roq (may that radio show rest in peace). How this band blends all of that together is a strange and wonderful alchemy that I just want to enjoy loudly at a party with friends.

waab_2017halloweenmix--1I had such an opportunity last night as Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds played The Hideout here in Chicago on their NY Night Train Haunted Hop Halloween with DJ Jonathan Toubin. If you have the chance from now until Halloween and you’re in the area for the remaining show dates, do yourself a huge favor and go! Music fans get so hyped up with the music festivals and the lackluster band reunions. They can sadly miss music legends like Kid Congo Powers. The show is spooky, dramatic, funny, loud, beautiful, and just damn good. It is a wonderful event in one’s life when you go to a concert and experience a moving masterpiece. I’m hoping they come back soon.


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